Who we are

Each Person is the recognition, reward and employee cashback scheme, powered by Epoints. We help businesses provide perks at work for their employees by showing them appreciation in a positive and engaging way.

Our relationship with Epoints

With Each Person; our innovative reward scheme, employees benefit from a membership to Epoints. Epoints (Eco-points) is our exclusive shopping platform where employees can shop multiple retailers in once place all through a single checkout.

Our mission

At Each Person our mission is to provide employees with the ultimate ‘feelgood’ package, wrapping unbeatable savings, in a great user experience, offering flexible and tangible appreciation for a job well done. We’re looking for progressive employers that are invested in looking after their people now more than ever due to these difficult times. It’s the employees that keep companies in business and when they’re well rewarded they work harder, smarter and stick around longer.

No two employees have exactly the same interests and motivations. So it can sometimes be tricky, and time-consuming to do employee recognition right and find the perfect way to say thanks.